About Mitigate Healthcare

Mitigate Healthcare Supplies was built on the foundation of one purpose, to help where and who we can during the pandemic, due to the vast shortage of equipment throughout the market. A joint collaboration of experienced individuals throughout all industries with a heavy presence in the Asian and EU market to support our clients with the required products to combat and prevent Covid-19.

What Is Our Mission

Building a future for sustainable production and distribution of medical products. The extensive and continuous research into which manufacturers we work with and logistical processes is imperative to our company values, to try and build a healthy environmental conscious company. Trying to reduce our Carbon Foot Print where possible and give a helping hand to our environment.

Be the leader in distribution of medical products. As an upcoming contender to some of the corporate giants and direct routes to manufacturers where contracts are hard to achieve for the next 2 years, we aim to set our mark above our competitors by supporting all industries with affordable products where we can still adhere to demand required and quick turnover of product delivery.

Similing Team